The right code for your Chrysler radio

Chrysler radios and navigation systems are equipped with a special anti- theft This code ensures that the radio cannot be used by unauthorized persons. If your car radio is protected by a pin code, the display will show code and you will have to enter the code in order to use the car radio. Without the code your radio won’t work and you will not be able to access the menu For instance, the code is necessary if the car battery is disconnected or when the radio was removed from the car.
You may have lost your code or did not have one in first place. No matter what the reason might be, we can help you recover the Chrysler radio code. We offer support for almost all Chrysler radios and navigation systems and provide the original code of your system. There are no complicated procedures or hardware modifications necessary to your car radio.

Supported Chrysler radio and navigation models

MU9CY24G, P04858513AF, P04858513AG-A, P04858513AK-A, P04858513AÀ, P04858543AC-A, P04858543AD-A, P04858543AE-A, P04858543AG-A, P04858583AE, P04858584AF, P04859504AB-A, P04859504AD-A, P05091610AB-A, P56038585AL, 54B60981W02-A, 54D71204W04-0, 54D71204W04-0, 54D71204W07-0, P04704345-G, P05269484AB, P4704345-G, P5269486, P5269488, P55064385AD, BZ9CY210, MU9CY24G, MU9CY95G, MU9CY95G, MU9CY95H, MU9CY95H, P04858543AD-B, P04858543AF-A, P04858543AG-A, P05064385AD, P05091508AH, P56038583AG, P56038629AG, P56038646AG



Chrysler radio code information

To obtaining your Chrysler radio code, we need some data which can be found on the radio unit. The serial number that we need, can be found on the sticker or its engraved in the radio on the side. The model number is found on the same sticker. If you are not sure or in doubt about the serial number you could always send us a photo of the stickers, or other numbers placed on the radio. You have to remove the radio from the vehicle in order to retrieve the radio serial number.

Chrysler radio or navigation not listed? Please contact us via the contact form and perhaps we can still help you with finding out the unlock code.
Keep your Chrysler radio code in a safe place in order to prevent abuse by unauthorized persons.

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